Testimonials and Australian Migration Stories.
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Australian Migration Lawyers in Melbourne, Australia
Floramo Lawyers: Migration Lawyers
in Melbourne, Australia
Floramo Lawyers is a registered migration law firm based in Melbourne Australia

Australian Migration Testimonials

Read what some of our customers have to say about their Australian Migration experience with Floramo Lawyers.

'For those seeking help and advice on migration, there is no better person to turn to than Grace Floramo of Floramo Lawyers.  Not only will Grace give you her 100% undivided personal attention, but she will also give you the best possible advice in order for you to achieve your case.  We trust in Floramo Lawyers because they are the best.'

Nandita & Eustace Thompson

'Grace walked us through all the procedures of the immigration process with care and precise.She also had made extra effort to submit successful appeal to ACS to make sure we're on the safe side.

Grace is very polite, always willing to help and answer our questions with patience and coherence, keeping track with the ever changing rules of DIMIA processes.

We are very pleased to work with Grace, and recommend her to whoever decides on the immigration process.'

Abby Berenfeld.

'Dear Grace,

I would be delighted to recommend you for any legal work but in particular the area of migration to Australia .

Your diligence, sensitivity and attention to detail in organizing the migration of my daughter Iris and her family to Australia are to be commended.

I feel that thru that association we have become more like friends than simply business acquaintances. I would be delighted to offer my help if you ever need it.'

Pnina Gal

'I used Floramo Lawyers to process my General skilled migration visa, because of my student visa complications which I had during my period of study in Australia it turned out to be a lot more complicated than I thought. Grace played a main role in re-instating my student visa. This enabled me to qualify to apply for a general skilled migration visa.
She exactly knew just what to do and made sure I was never breaching the terms of my current visa.

Grace provided me with effective, attentive details and prompt services that contributed to my success in
applying for my permanent residency visa to Australia . I can't press upon on how good it was to deal with Floramo Lawyers compared to some others I have tried.
She was always there to help me out, in person, on the phone even after hours. That is exceptional service.

I found Floramo Lawyers to be friendly efficient & successful! Grace talked me through each application thoroughly. I wanted to thank you for all the
information that you have given me. This service you have provided which is exceptional. I believe that all the hard work that you have put into my general
skilled application would pay off and would be successful. Thanks again for all of the assistance that your company has offered me and above all, the
lenient credit term on payment!'

Jahan Majeed




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